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20 Apr 2015

Uber Safe

To say that Uber has been struggling a little in the public relations department over recent months could probably be considered an understatement. As the company seeks to address issues of poorly-vetted drivers, they’ve launched one campaign
11 Apr 2015

Selling Your Home Through Video Marketing

Spotted: new business idea of video marketing your home instead of the usual traditional way. In truth, there may be many reasons why you would want to complete a quick house sale. Maybe you are bound by
27 Mar 2015

Pickmeup Service Marketing

To promote its new caffeinated chocolate bars, Cape Town food brand ZANG came up with the following campaign, which promises a literal pick-me-up. Enlisting the help of masked wrestlers or ‘luchadores’, they offered free piggyback rides to
30 Sep 2014

Drone Advertising

To capture the attention of busy office workers and entice them to eat lunch at Asian restaurant chain Wokker, creative agency Hungry Boys released ten drones with banners promoting the eatery’s offerings around high-rise business centers in
10 Sep 2014

Slidejoy Lockscreen Advertising

Slidejoy is an intelligent Android application that pays users to view relevant articles, deals and ads on their lock screen. Since Slidejoy shares its advertising revenues, the app essentially allows users to monetize an otherwise idle asset by turning
28 Jun 2014

Cool Marketing Strategies for Start-Ups

A company in possession of a good product must be in want of marketing. After all, if no-one knows about your product or service: no-one’s going to pay for it. In fact, the only time when a
9 Jun 2014

Cola 2nd Lives

Rejoice, happy-go-lucky and environmentally conscious Coca-Cola lovers. Thanks to this new “2nd Lives” kit from the brand, you can now transform your Coke into something even more delightful. Is that just an empty soda bottle? Nope, it’s
16 Jan 2014

Top Ways To Market Your New Business Idea

Marketing a new business idea can be a difficult task and should be done with care and precision to target the correct audience in a way that is both effective and affordable. However, with a little planning
9 Oct 2013

Promotional Superpower Stunt

Have you ever had someone spill a drink on your laptop? It happened to me once, and I got pretty angry. If only I’d had telekinetic powers… This whole thing might just be a big promotional stunt
4 Oct 2013

Laser-Etched Advert on Meat

To create a poster for international design and innovation consultancy firm IDEO’s WebDev101 sessions, Digital Chops, US-based industrial and Interaction designer Ivy Hu decided to experiment with laser-cutting unconventional objects. The object that was victim to this
3 Jul 2013

Flying Store Offering Selection of Groceries

Developed by creative agency Cheil, the campaign saw a large, remote-controlled balloon – fitted with a wifi router – flown over populous locations in Seoul, such as public squares, shopping centers and transport hubs. People who saw
3 Jun 2013

Cola Sharing Can

Ogilvy France and Ogilvy Asia-Pacific joined forces to make a can that splits in half for Coca-Cola, the most literal extension of the brand’s global “Share Happiness” concept. The split-can design is admittedly pretty cool, although sharing