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31 Oct 2015

3 Ways Auto Dealerships are Pushing Advertising

Advertising is constantly in motion. It’s why everybody knows somebody in marketing, any why consumers often feel so pursued by brands. With so many avenues of communication to the average individual, and so many more products and
24 Sep 2015

Will Apple’s iOS 9 Affect Mobile Marketing?

The new iPhone 6S and iPad Pro might have turned heads as the latest shiny new products released by Apple but arguably more important is the accompanying release of the company’s new iOS 9 operating system, which
8 Sep 2015

5 Occasions When Your Business Will Need A Banner

  You might have never deliberated the prospect of designing and printing your very own banner for your business. Perhaps you’ve never considered there to be an opportunity for such a thing, but there are certain occasions
26 Aug 2015

Business Trends in Mobile Marketing Consultancy

Why is mobile marketing so important for businesses today? There are several reports that have substantiated the claim that smartphones influence the purchasing decisions of consumers at every step. A recent report had, in fact, revealed that
10 Jun 2015

Augmented Reality: The Future of Real Estate Marketing

Back in the day, before this time of high tech gadgetry with sophisticated cameras and mobile horsepower which can take advantage of constant interconnectivity, real estate agents had to rely solely showing off an attractive site in
11 May 2015

Psychological Marketing Business Ideas and Apps

In this new Internet age of social networking community sites, social networks and apps such as Facebook and Whatapps are changing the way we interact with the other online users, particularly among teens who are avid users
27 Apr 2015

Innovative Promo Cup Sleeve That Will Turn Heads

In a sea of promo items, novelty chotskies and trinkets, selecting the right one for your upcoming tradeshow, convention, event or festival can be a daunting task. It has to yield the right degree of “It” factor;
20 Apr 2015

Uber Safe

To say that Uber has been struggling a little in the public relations department over recent months could probably be considered an understatement. As the company seeks to address issues of poorly-vetted drivers, they’ve launched one campaign
11 Apr 2015

Selling Your Home Through Video Marketing

Spotted: new business idea of video marketing your home instead of the usual traditional way. In truth, there may be many reasons why you would want to complete a quick house sale. Maybe you are bound by
27 Mar 2015

Pickmeup Service Marketing

To promote its new caffeinated chocolate bars, Cape Town food brand ZANG came up with the following campaign, which promises a literal pick-me-up. Enlisting the help of masked wrestlers or ‘luchadores’, they offered free piggyback rides to