Canndescent Flower Scented Cannabis

At Canndescent, the startup marries the mastery of cannabis cultivation with the canvas of your life. Choose an effect below to curate your experience. That is the Art of Flower.

From the strain specific, micro-grow rooms, through hand trimming every flower by the stem, Canndescent preserves the full flavor and integrity of our medicine. In short, it spares no expense in our effort to produce flowers that deliver the best curated experiences for our patients. Whether it’s time to relax, enjoy an energetic outing, share an intimate moment, or refresh with a stress-free sleep, Canndescent helps you make the best of your experiences.

For example, you can choose to rest, relax, and rejuvenate with Canndescent™ Calm. Whether you need a good night’s sleep, relief from aches and pains or a timeout from the daily grind, this collection of flowers will soothe your mind, body or soul.

  1. 10 months ago