Business Ideas in Encouraging Employees to Get Moving


“60” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Fit Approach

Staying fit can be tough when you work in an office, especially for those of us with kids or other time-consuming commitments outside work (I am totally not calling kids a time-consuming commitment…).

There are plenty of great reasons to encourage fitness in the workplace. For example, fit employees are less likely to get that bug that’s going around and have more energy, resulting in more focused and productive employees. Fit employees not only have higher self-confidence but are also more likely to inspire and encourage confidence in their colleagues. Employees who set and achieve fitness goals are better at setting and achieving goals in the workplace and are much less likely to feel stressed. Indeed, fitness and exercise help to maintain mental balance and release tensions.

Sounds great, right? Here are some examples of companies that are doing it right and encouraging employees to get moving.

Supporting Employees’ Fitness Goals

There are fitness regimes to suit every one of us, you just need to find what works for you. Following three of their employees with completely different needs and fitness goals, Voucherbox has teamed up with MyProtein to prove that anyone can get fit and tone up in as little as 12 weeks. Through supplements, individual diets, exercise plans and some good old encouragement, MyProtein is helping staff members at the money-saving site to work towards their own goals and get ripped.

Fitness Gamification with Wearable Tech

Unsurprisingly, the Fitbit office is a true reflection of their products: employees wear the fitness trackers, compete in the Workweek Hustle in-app challenges, encourage each other’s well-being, and even take part in WOW (Work Out Wednesday). It shows that everyone at Fitbit believes in their products, and why wouldn’t you? Injecting a bit of competition into fitness is a sure way to get all employees involved.

As well as encouraging their own employees, the Fitbit app is encouraging office workers all over the world to get moving in the office. Everyone with a Fitbit will be fighting to do the tea run – because who doesn’t love to come top of a leaderboard?

“Fitbit” (CC BY 2.0) by JeepersMedia

Fitness Classes in the Office

Google is well known for looking after its employees, and they certainly haven’t dropped the ball when it comes to fitness. The San Francisco-based internet giant offers on-site fitness centres and provide over 200 exercise classes for staff (an eclectic mix, including how to dance at a party). As well as classes, the Google campus is filled with bicycles for employees to borrow and has four fully kitted-out gyms.

Fitness Perks

Online retailer Zappos is another big player when it comes to fitness and wellness support for its employees. As well as hosting regular sports tournaments and fitness classes, Zappos also offer staffers free gym membership and even marathon reimbursements. Zappos also take employees offsite to take part in Wellness Adventures that can involve anything from golf to laser tag and trampolining.

If you’re planning to start encouraging fitness and wellbeing in your business, you’re in great company. We know that not everyone can afford quite as much commitment as the companies we’ve just mentioned, but the important thing is just to get started and move towards a happier, healthier and fitter workplace.