Built In a Single Day

Built In a Single Day

This prefabricated family home in Princeton, New Jersey, by local architect Marina Rubina was conceived as an “experiment” in providing a high-quality residence that is sustainable and affordable.

The L-shaped dwelling consists of a primary volume encompassing 2,000 square feet (185 square metres) and a connected studio structure that totals 500 square feet (46 square metres). The two volumes, which wrap a landscaped courtyard, are oriented in opposite directions for privacy purposes.

Consisting of pre-fabricated components, the two-storey house was assembled in a single day.

“The house was an experiment in providing high-quality, sustainable residential development affordably,” said Marina Rubina, who runs an eponymous studio in Princeton.

Prefab house in Princeton by Marina Rubina was built in one day [Dezeen]

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