Blockchain Technology To Track Uk Health Data

Forays by Google subsidiary DeepMind Health into the UK’s medical institutions have been characterized by health tech major themes.

The initiative is called the “Verifiable Data Audit,” and was announced this week in a blogpost written by DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman and the company’s head of security and transparency, Ben Laurie. The Audit technology is not yet in place, but would keep a publicly accessible record of every time DeepMind accesses hospital data, using technology related to the blockchain.

Like blockchain technologies, this information will be write-only — it can’t be edited after the fact or deleted. It will also make use of cryptographic proofs that will allow experts to verify the integrity of the data. Unlike most blockchain systems, though, the ledger won’t be distributed among members of the public, but stored by a number of entities including data processors like DeepMind Health and health care providers. The company says this won’t impede the verification process, and that the choice was made to make the ledger more efficient.