Bixpy Jet – World’s Smallest Water Propulsion System

Bixpy LLC has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the world’s first handheld, modular and portable electric water-jet propulsion system, capable of propelling standup paddle boards, kayaks, canoes and even divers and snorkelers. Water sports enthusiasts can now enjoy their adventures even more by exploring further, faster and with more confidence and security, using the Bixpy Jet™. The Jets are now available on Indiegogo starting at the Early Bird Price of $499 (regular retail $750). Weighing about 2lb (1kg), the Bixpy Jet™ generates enough thrust to drive a full-size kayak or SUP and its occupants up to 7 MPH (11km/h), with a range of 10 to 15 miles (15 to 25 km) on one battery charge.