Biohacking, The Method For Increased Productivity?

Stronger, faster, better – man has always been striving to achieve higher and higher levels of performance. Currently, companies try to speed up public transportation with hyper-loops reaching top speeds of 1125 km/h, create stronger, more robust computer programs, and integrate higher and higher resolution cameras into the latest smartphone.

What if not only products could be optimized, but also personal success markers such as work speedperformance and health?

That’s what biohacking is all about.

“Biohacking is a health and lifestyle approach which developed fairly recently, though the subject of self-improvement is probably as old as mankind itself. Bio is a Greek word for “life” and hacking, obviously, is a computer-age word meaning “to modify (a computer program or electronic device) in a skillful or clever way”.

Biohacking can be defined as modifying the human organism in a skillful or clever way to optimize performance and health. Therefore, any measures taken to boost your body and brain performance can be categorized as biohacking.

You may think of biohacking as a sophisticated technology only available to experienced and studied biohacking experts. As a matter of fact, that is wrong. Biohacking is simply any step you take to improve your health, wellbeing and performance. With fairly simple hacks, you can upgrade your sports performance, health and physical appearance all at once.

Biohacking – a new trend that could revolutionize sports performance and health [ISPO] 

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