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4 Jan 2016

Social Trading with wikifolio

The Internet allows anyone to connect with individual in more advanced way. One can also follow and copy trades of top investors. Traditional asset managers and mutual funds that charge quite high fees might become obsolete in
9 Mar 2015

Luggage-free Travel

Source: Travelling can be made more fuss-free when you are able to travel without any check-in baggage (containing your clothes, toiletries etc.). Packnada is a travel baggage concierge-like service that allows you to do just that. Packnada,
7 Feb 2015

Dancing Traffic Light

Source Creatively taking on the question of “How can we make our cities safer places?”, smart  embarked on a #WhatAreYouFOR campaign that keeps pedestrians occupied while waiting to cross street. It installed a “dancing traffic light” which puts
5 Feb 2015

meetinvest: Invest like an expert

Image credit Husband-and-wife team, Maria and Michel Jacquemai, founded meetinvest – with a vision that ordinary people can now invest as Warren Buffett, James Slater or Sir John Templeton do, by using a free algorithm that mimics the stock-picking, buying,
23 Jan 2015


Surf Air is an “all-you-can-fly” start-up for frequent fliers that is disrupting the market for intercity air travel in California, offering private jet travel at near-commercial pricing. Surf Air’s business model is radical in its simplicity. After
19 Jan 2015

Enter the Venture Builders

The venture-building philosophy is a rapidly rising movement in the tech and start-up industries. If you haven’t yet heard of venture-builders — also called tech studios, start-up factories, or venture production studios — then this recent piece in VentureBeat
26 Dec 2014


Trending in New York City is an art project by two artists which sees them creating art installations from materials and items found (discarded) around their neighbourhood. Based on an interview with The Daily Beat, one of
25 Dec 2014

Back to Basics

So it’s back to basics. With the barrage of new fancy smartphones flooding the market in recent months, it is easy to overlook one of the basic functions of a mobile phone – as an emergency contact mobile
29 Nov 2014

Project Tripod: Time-Lapse Photography

An Australian start-up – Project Tripod – has developed an app that captures pictures via a smartphone and takes a snapshot of a landmark or object over a period of time that ­allows people to view changes throughout that
28 Nov 2014

Exploring the World with Little Passports

          Even children these days can have their fun (and education) with specially curated materials for them to learn about the world. Little Passports is a subscription company that sends children tiny suitcases filled