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25 Oct 2017

5 Benefits of a Vibrant Employee Advocacy Initiative

You’ve probably heard some of the buzz about employee advocacy and wondered if there’s any merit to the hype. What is this recent marketing shift about, and what differences can it make for employees and the companies
25 Oct 2017

Circular Economy Through Horse Manure

Fortum HorsePower service resolves your stable’s bedding and manure maintenance in an inexpensive, environmentally sound way. ?Fortum has launched a circular economy service with a concept that combines horse stables, power plants and bedding management. The concept is
24 Oct 2017

Apple With No Browning

Last week at the biotech conference SynBioBeta, I swiped one of Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ Arctic Apples and put it in my purse. The Arctic Apple is the first genetically engineered apple, modified so that when it is
23 Oct 2017

Spotting Locals Hotspots For Tourists

On July 1 to 8, the Web Science Summer School 2017 was held in St. Petersburg. It was organized by Laboratory of Internet Studies at Higher School of Economics and ITMO University’s International Laboratory “Computer Technologies”. The
19 Oct 2017

Wheat Bran Tableware

Biotrem’s disposable tableware is perfect for home use. Plates, bowls, dishes are all made from wheat bran which is an environmentally friendly alternative to other disposable products that are made from treated papers and card or plastic.
18 Oct 2017

Team Switzerland’s NeighborHub

This past week, eleven teams of students designed, built and presented futuristic houses at the Solar Decathalon 2017. The competition took place in Denver, and though the challenge was simple it was by no means easy: create a super-efficient
12 Oct 2017

Energy Efficient Bamboo House

This experimental bamboo home is helping to set the pace for sustainable growth in China. Milan-based Studio Cardenas designed Energy Efficient Bamboo House, a home with a minimal carbon footprint and Feng Shui-inspired construction. Located in the Longquan
11 Oct 2017

Sustainable Modular Dwelling

The homes of the future will be smart, responsive, and even save us money. University of Maryland students let us take a peek into what the future may hold with reACT, a smart sustainable home that rethinks architecture as
9 Oct 2017

Geometric Hanging Planters

From his workshop in Bend, Oregon, Justin, a former Marine Officer and Wildland Firefighter, has created a collection of modern wood hanging planters, made from solid pieces of real wood. Under the name of Fernweh Woodworking, Justin
20 Sep 2017

Gym Pods

Making time to go to the gym can be easier said than done—especially when your couch is so comfortable. But if getting to the gym is your problem, perhaps having access to tiny gyms all over the city would