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21 Dec 2017

Fancy Staying In a Sugar Mills?

An abandoned sugar mill in China has transformed into a new resort hotel. Vector Architects was able to use much of the refinery’s old structure and repurposed them into the new Alila Yangshuo hotel. The end result is
20 Dec 2017

Bus Beds For Night Time Commuters

Commuters could soon be taken home in the early hours of the morning on an ultra-luxurious night bus – fitted with BEDS. High-tech sleep brand Simba is creating a home away from home for commuters who travel late at
13 Dec 2017

Algorithm To Suit Your Diet

Quality is certainly the top of the menu for Vita Mojo – it hired Paul Davies, head chef for Tom’s Kitchen, to build the foundation for Vita Mojo’s selection. “Stefan and I had a lightbulb moment while
12 Dec 2017

6 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

If you’re not on social media, do you even exist? People You May Know, a movie coming to theatres near you soon, goes to show just how obsessed our culture has become with our social media personas,
11 Dec 2017

Virtual Fitting Room Through App

Zeekit took advantage of New York’s Fashion Week to announce their launch and the funding, with participation from fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff. The company has also been making moves for partnerships with media brands in the fashion industry,
6 Dec 2017

How to Turn Wood Into Gold — or at Least Graphene

As one of the most obvious and abundant (not to mention renewable) resources on the planet, wood has long been a vital material for construction and crafting — but it has its limitations. As a heavy, organic
6 Dec 2017

Fintech and the Future of eCommerce: Are You Ready?

If you’ve bought or sold anything online in the past few years, you’re already aware of how much ecommerce is changing. Fintech, or technology used by members of the financial services sector, is giving customers a wider
6 Dec 2017

Better Solar To Generate 80% Of U.S. Power

Solar generation is being used in a variety of ways to give people options on how they want to power their homes. Instead of big, bulky panels on the roof, there is a more discreet roofing alternative. For example,
5 Dec 2017

Chicken Rice and Laksa Flavoured Potato Chips

When we heard F.EAST was coming out with Hainanese Chicken Rice and Singapore Laksa flavoured potato chips, we rushed over to buy some from their launch today at Raffles Xchange. Battling our way through the crowd, we managed to
30 Nov 2017

Vespa Elettrica in 2018

At the 75th International Cycle and Motorcycle Show (EICMA), The Piaggio Group — the Italian motorcycle maker behind the classic Vespa — finally revealed the initial design and details for its planned electric scooter. Dubbed the Vespa Elettrica (which is simply