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29 Nov 2016

7 Cool Smart Home Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Better

It seems you can’t buy anything these days that can’t be connected to the internet in some way. While not all of these items are useful or even practical, there are some Internet of Things and smart
24 Nov 2016

4 Things You Should Do To Find Inspiration For Your Business

Perhaps you’re a budding entrepreneur or you’ve got a knack for creating new things. Even the most creative people sometimes find it hard to get the inspiration going. One of the best ways to find the motivation
18 Nov 2016

Are you Overspending on your Business Commuting? How to Bring Costs Down

If you drive a business vehicle and use it in your personal life, the chances are you’ll be racking up the miles and potentially having to spend lots on fuel. This latter point need not necessarily be
18 Nov 2016

The Pros And Cons of An Open-plan Office

The open plan office has become a fixture of the modern workplace. Private offices and cube farms have been replaced by flexible workspaces with little or no partitions. 60% of companies have now adopted open plan layouts,
17 Nov 2016

Samsonite Free Luggage Wrapping Service

Samsonite wanted to communicate that its luggage was tougher than competitors’ without resorting to clichéd torture tests. The answer, provided by Publicis Conseil, Paris, was to offer free luggage wrapping to anyone with an inferior suitcase. Samsonite opened
16 Nov 2016

Building a Cool Business with Bitcoin: Three of the Best Bitcoin Business Ideas

Take a monetary system that exists but doesn’t really exist, add in a few creative tech types and let their imaginations run wild and what do you get? Yes, you’ve guessed it: some cool business ideas. Bitcoin
16 Nov 2016

How One Company Evolved an 187-year-old Game

The decision to expand a product line, innovate around a new idea, or move into a new area of business altogether is a difficult one. For example, you might reap the benefits of a larger customer base
15 Nov 2016


It’s official: the beautiful and bizarre house-in-a-cliff known as Casa Brutale is actually being built. We reported last July on this crazy concrete design, which would be carved into a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea, roofed by a transparent
14 Nov 2016

Smart Bra

A startup out of MIT is creating a wearable specifically aimed at better monitoring and understanding women’s cardiovascular health through an article of clothing worn closest to a woman’s heart: her bra. Bloomer Tech is developing flexible, washable circuits
2 Nov 2016

Sundrop Farms Grows Tomatoes with Seawater and 23,000 mirror

Sundrop Farms, a tomato production facility that is the first agricultural system of its kind in the world, celebrated its grand opening in Port Augusta, South Australia, Thursday. Instead of soil, pesticides, fossil fuels and groundwater, Sundrop
1 Nov 2016

Smart Waste Bin

French company Uzer’s ‘Eugene’ is a waste bin with a smart twist. One of the biggest barriers stopping people from recycling, tragically enough, is that many people simply don’t know what can be recycled and what should
31 Oct 2016

Inspirational Spaces for Innovative Minds: How to Encourage Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity has never been so positively embraced. The defining quality of artists, poets, musicians, and writers throughout the ages, it is only recently that employers have begun to understand its importance in the cut-throat world of business.