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28 Sep 2016

Beyond Casual Friday: Energizing The Workplace With Fun

The battle against boredom is one of the toughest that we fight in the workplace. The job that seems so fresh and exciting in our first years can grind its way into monotony as we move from learning
28 Sep 2016

5 Cool Ways Creative Talent Can Help You Market Your Business

It takes a village to grow a business. The creatives of the professional world bring an intangible element to a marketing campaign. Without their unique skills, brands wouldn’t be memorable and a logo wouldn’t be able to
27 Sep 2016

New Tech Business Ideas Trends

2016 is the year of entrepreneurship, especially for smaller, work-from-home business ideas! And thanks to dozens of fantastic technological innovations in recent years, many of the best new business opportunities are all in tech-related fields. It’s a
16 Sep 2016

New ink Made From Exhaust Emissions

Tiger Beer, in collaboration with MIT-spinoff Graviky Labs and agency Marcel Sydney, has launched Air-Ink; an innovative range of pens, markers and spray cans made from air pollution. To create Air-Ink, unique devices were developed to capture
15 Sep 2016

Built In a Single Day

This prefabricated family home in Princeton, New Jersey, by local architect Marina Rubina was conceived as an “experiment” in providing a high-quality residence that is sustainable and affordable. The L-shaped dwelling consists of a primary volume encompassing
14 Sep 2016

Portable Generator

Estream is a new portable hydropower device that could convert running water into electricity that could be used to power smartphones and other USB devices. Developed by South Korean startup Enomad (Energy Nomad), Estream is about the
14 Sep 2016

Online Business Ideas: How to Undercut Your Rivals and Thrive

The digital revolution has not only made it possible for consumers to pay for goods and services more efficiently, but also more cheaply. Fewer overheads, bigger audiences and the ability to offer a more diverse range of
13 Sep 2016

Practical No-Nonsense Tips For Starting A Profitable Blog

With the Web 2.0 boom in recent years and the advent of social media, it is easier than ever today to start a business. And it is also possible to extend the marketing scope of your business
12 Sep 2016

Taking on Chef’s Role

Diners who manage to book a place will quite literally “take over the restaurant”, choosing their own menu and even naming the restaurant after themselves. Those wanting to try their hand at some Scandinavian cuisine are in
10 Sep 2016

Benefits of an Online Spell Check Tool

It is very common for people to make a few spelling mistakes in their writings. If you have written an essay, the best way to make sure it is free from errors is to spend some time
9 Sep 2016

Precison Cheese Board

Serve your cheese in precise portions. CHEESE DEGREES has all the measurements you need for utterly accurate cuts. Durable 6 7/8″ x 8 1/2″ bamboo board with engraved measurements. Cheese Degrees [FredandFriends]
8 Sep 2016

Minimalist Tape Dispenser

Designer Pascal Heiler’s comma-shaped, centrifugal-cast niclafor (copper, nickel, and tin alloy) accessory is finished by hand and specified to fit 12 mm width adhesive tapes. To use, press onto the rocker-shaped ZYP-ZYP’s tapered end, cut required length