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27 Oct 2016

Driverless Buses

Singapore will trial a pair of driverless buses. No, not micro buses, nor “Ollis” — full-sized buses, measuring 12 meters (40 feet) long. The vehicles will operate in the Jurong West region of Singapore, where the island’s
26 Oct 2016

How to Make Your Office Millennial Friendly in Three Easy Steps

Millennials are not known for being a quiet bunch. The children of revolution and rapid social change, eighties, nineties, and noughties babies are outspoken, liberal, creative, and free-thinking, and the most successful companies have learnt to love
25 Oct 2016

How to Pick a Safe and Secure Money Transfer Service

  It is now possible to send money to the Philippines in minutes,or to transfer money to other far off locales while sipping coffee in your pajamas. But staying safe and secure while doing so has become
24 Oct 2016

Smart Baby Bed

After over four years of development, Yves Behar and Dr. Harvey Karp have successfully created the first smart baby bed that helps babies sleep faster and more safely. This also means happier, more rested parents. Inspired by
24 Oct 2016

Wallpaper Solar Cells

Imagine being able to tape thin, affordable solar cells anywhere: the top of a trailer, the side of a building, or the roof of your car. Sunflare‘s new solar technology could make that possible. The Los Angeles-based
23 Oct 2016

New Face of Money Management

The ways people exchange money has changed significantly over the last couple of decades. Companies and consumers wrote over 40 billion checks in 2000. In 2012, they only wrote 20 billion checks. It only took 12 years
18 Oct 2016

How to Spot the Signs Your Business is in Trouble

When you start a business, you probably don’t want to think it’s going to fail. Nobody does. However, a very high percentage of businesses fail in the first year so there are no guarantees you are destined
15 Oct 2016

Room Hidden

This amazing wall of books is part of the apartment in Brazil, designed by architect Consuelo Jorge. And even though this particular space is not small, this element can work very well in a studio or other open-plan
11 Oct 2016

Lasting Shelf Design For Life

Roberto Gil, of Casa Kids, decided to design a desk for children and when seeking inspiration, he looked to the works of Jean Prouvé, Mondrian, and Donald Judd. The DUMBO Desk is the perfect workspace for any
10 Oct 2016

Minimalist Shelving

Dutch designer Johan van Hengel created this beautiful minimalist shelving line for Scandinavian design brand MUUTO. Inspired by a play on layers and shadow, shelf’s unique shape is based on a seemingly simple bending technique involving a single sheet
7 Oct 2016

Technology Stocks: A Lucrative Investment as Long as You Know the Ropes

Many big name investors like Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch were against investing in technology stocks. They were aware that they would miss many large winners, but were willing to make that trade off so they would
4 Oct 2016

Filling Your New Restaurant Shelves: A Mini-Guide for Using a Food Delivery Service or Vendor

When you’re setting up a new restaurant business, there will be a lot of things that you have to set up and organize. One of these things is familiarizing yourself with food safety and protection but an