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27 Jun 2016

Vegan Patty

Impossible Foods has perfected a juicy, bleeding, meatless hamburger that mimics beef down to its distinct aroma – and they just debuted the revolutionary vegan patty in San Francisco. Engineered to evoke the taste, smell, and cooking
24 Jun 2016

6 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Company’s Reputation

It’s unfortunate but true that most companies don’t care about their online reputation until it’s too late and the damage is already done… and affecting your company’s bottom line. And unfortunately, correcting damage is often so much
23 Jun 2016

Why Don’t People Like Your Restaurant?

Restaurateurs frequently find themselves in an uncomfortable situation: people used to like your restaurant, now customers are dwindling, you don’t know why. Anyone who has seen TV shows in the vein of Kitchen Nightmares can understand that
1 Jun 2016

Levitating Bulb

Combining magnetic levitation with wireless power transmission tech dating back to Nikola Tesla, the Flyte Levitating Light is modern day magic masquerading as illumination. Its shatterproof LED bulb floats and rotates slowly in the air above a
31 May 2016

The Importance of Logistic Efficiency for Startups

Starting up a business is difficult, and there are enormous challenges that any new entrepreneur faces. There’s competition from other businesses, learning how to manage growth, finding and vetting the right talent, and keeping up with ever
31 May 2016

Three Tips for the Struggling Entrepreneur

So you’re running your own business. You’ve left cubicle life behind for good to be your own boss and it’s been an exciting ride. But now you’re in trouble. Your seemingly loyal customer base is drying up,
31 May 2016

Modern Hammock

It’s hard to find a good-looking, high-quality modern hammock—trust us, we’ve been searching. One of the nicest looking collections we’ve spotted was from Lujo, the New Zealand-based company that offers high-quality outdoor lounge furniture. We’ve been fans
30 May 2016

Money Matters: Financial Factors to Keep in Mind for the Aspiring Landlord

With online directories such as DDProperty, it is becoming easier than ever to find a piece of property for sale. It definitely makes the process of searching for a unit, a complex, or an entire house to
30 May 2016

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting Your Very Own Apartment Rental Business

Becoming the owner of your very own apartment complex is an exciting idea for many aspiring entrepreneurs, especially due to the continuing demand for affordable rentals in desirable locations. However, becoming a landlord entails so much more
30 May 2016

Remote Control Disc: Knocki

Speaking of clever tech, this little device called Knocki, developed by Texas based designers Jake Boshernitzan and Ohad Nezer, can help you smarten up your home in many different ways. The discreet disc, attached to any vertical or horizontal surface,
27 May 2016

3 Lessons From The Amazon and Zappos School of Business

What do have in Amazon and Zappos have in common? They are both big winners, with 3 powerful lessons to help you win big, too. If you aspire to build a company on the cloud, you will do
27 May 2016

Three Things Every Business Owner Should Know

As a business owner, there can be an incredible amount for you to juggle whilst maintaining the appearance of a ringmaster. Fortunately, there's lots of information out there to inform and support you to make sense of