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23 Apr 2017

Engines, Parts and Tools: Getting a Job or Starting a Business in the Motorcycle Industry

If you feel like you have a love of motorcycles in your DNA and are passionate about everything connected with these two-wheeled conveyances it makes sense to see if you can get a job or even start
13 Apr 2017

Natural Balance

Aptly called Natural Balance, the planter demystifies and automates the watering process. The reservoir on the side supplies water to the plant gradually, so you don’t have to worry about overwatering your plants. And when the water runs
11 Apr 2017

Apple iHouse

Apple is taking an enormous bite out of the driverless car market with a brand new electric vehicle that doubles as a tiny house. The company announced the iHouse will come with a staggering 350-mile range and
10 Apr 2017

Digital Knitting Machine

Branded as a ‘digital knitting machine,’ kniterate is the start of a future where you can design your clothes online, and 3D print them at the touch of a button. intended as a affordabe and compact alternative
5 Apr 2017

Software Options Comparable to Tableau

Tableau first hit the market in 2003 and has been a hit for large corporations and non-profits alike. The software is incredibly versatile in providing necessary data analysis for budgeting, implementing new products and even assessing a removal
28 Mar 2017

Green Retreat

Overlooking a private bay along the Northern Coast of Koh Samui, Thailand, The Tongsai Bay Hotel boasts more than luxurious seaside accommodations. The award-winning family-owned resort was built within a 28 and a half acre landscape that
27 Mar 2017

Experimental Luminaries

You might have been able to tell that we weren’t completely sure what to call these. Viride is so unique and interesting that we haven’t even gotten a name for them yet. Goula / Figuera Studio, which
26 Mar 2017

5 Solid Income Streams for Your Blog

Whether you’re just launching a new blog or have been running one for years, likely one of your top concerns is bringing in the income necessary to sustain it and grow. For most blog owners, advertising is
22 Mar 2017

How To Prioritize Your Ecommerce Startup

Electronic commerce, or ecommerce, can do almost everything that a brick-and-mortar store can do. Moreover, it’s cheaper to set up, easier to attract buyer traffic, easier to process orders, and easier to distribute electronic or physical goods.
16 Mar 2017

4 Recession Proof Business Ideas for 2017

Even though we just came out of a global recession, there is no telling when another one might be looming. According to a recent study, one in two people have cut back on their spending and one
16 Mar 2017

4 Ways to Improve Your Business Security

Most small businesses consider security to be an expensive, yet crucial, investment. Any brick-and-mortar business establishment, whether a small corner store or a multinational corporation, can become a potential target for theft or fraud. As a business
15 Mar 2017

How to Turn Sci-Fi Technologies Into Real Business Ideas

Science fiction is a popular genre, which means most people grew up watching or reading about fantastic technological developments of the far-off future. In “The Jetsons,” viewers saw personal aircraft and watches with amazing capabilities; in “Star