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6 Jul 2015

3D Printed Office

The United Arab Emirates likes to be first when it comes to amazing feats of construction and technology, and architecture in Dubai is constantly pushing the envelope. The world’s tallest building already towers over Dubai’s skyline, and
3 Jul 2015

Is Wearable Technology Compromising Your Data Security?

Smarter connectivity, improved workflow more accurate results tracking: wearable technology may still be in its infancy, but already, businesses are starting to realise its potential. Yet with opportunities come risks – especially in relation to data security.
26 Jun 2015

Wix Self Service Web Store Builder App

In the Social Web 3.0 world, online apps and mobile friendly websites are the way to go. Experts predicted that it is important for businesses to design their eCommerce website with a mobile-optimized approach, because this is
26 Jun 2015

One-Wheeled Electric Scooter

It wasn’t too long ago that we were all amazed by the introduction of the Segway – How can a vehicle with just two side-by-side wheels stay upright? we wondered. Since then, however, contraptions such as the
24 Jun 2015

The Key to Successful Sales Conversions: 3 Tips for Optimising Profitability

The UK business market is extremely prosperous at present, buoyed by a Conservative election victory and the robust growth of small enterprises. This returned to pre-recession levels recently, as Great Britain finally began to cement its position
24 Jun 2015

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance is an insurance policy that covers your business in the unfortunate event that a client makes a claim against you. Certain business professionals, from accountants and architects to solicitors, are required by law to
18 Jun 2015

Invest and Charge For Free Forever

Amsterdam-based Fastned is looking to gin up some extra startup cash to expand its fast-charging station network beyond its current count of 31 stations throughout Europe. The company is launching Fastned Founders Club, which is reserved for
17 Jun 2015

Cleans Road; Cleans Air

Empa, ETH Zürich and Bucher Municipal have developed a hybrid-electric powertrain for road sweepers that’s said to consume half the energy of diesel-hydraulic vehicles and reduce emissions by more than 60 percent. The design replaces conventional hydraulic
16 Jun 2015

The Shoe That Grows

It was then that the idea for ‘The Shoe That Grows’ began to form. “I thought, wouldn’t it be nice for them to have shoes that could adjust and expand?” Lee told Christian Today. “That was the
15 Jun 2015

TOFU Chair

Vegetarians of the world rejoice — the world’s first TOFU chair is here! Designed by Leonardo Talarico, the Tofu Chair lives up to its name and is made entirely from tasty soy bean curd. Using portion-sized chunks
12 Jun 2015

Move Around In Traffic Jams

This quirky little car is constructed of lightweight materials, like carbon fiber and titanium to make it incredibly light. The LINDO Smart is powered by two in-wheel electric motors and six lithium-ion battery cells that are charged through
9 Jun 2015

Peeple on Your SmartPhone

There are already external door-mounted cameras that stream video of visitors to users’ smartphones, plus there are cameras that fit into existing door peepholes, recording shots of visitors and displaying them on an LCD screen. Peeple, however,