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17 Oct 2017

HURU Expandable, Water-Resistant Backpack

Built-in waist bag, rain hood for the owner and a lifetime warranty make HURU backpack a smart and reliable companion for city and travel. HURU is water-resistant. You don’t need an extra cover for the backpack. No drop
16 Oct 2017

Real World Transactions in Bitcoin with Welto

If you are a blockchain miner and your electricity consumption costing you a lot, you may want to pay for it by peace of your monthly cryptocurrency earning. You might be a blockchain enthusiast who wishes to be
15 Oct 2017

Turn your Laptop into a Portable Whiteboard

Sketchcase unveiled the perfect laptop whiteboard skin for creatives that transforms any laptop into a portable whiteboard. On the surface, Sketchcase uses a combination of anti-graffiti and scratch resistant materials to create the perfect whiteboard. Underneath is
13 Oct 2017

5 Steadily Rising 2017 Small Business Trends

Article Contributed by Anna Johansson Any entrepreneur or business-minded individual knows there are two things that are certain in business: taxes and change. Though there are timeless keys, like friendly customer service and the use of the
6 Oct 2017

Cloud ERP Systems – Why It Might Be Time To Migrate

It’s no secret that businesses sometimes have a hard time letting go of their old software solutions in favor of newer ones. There are good reasons behind it, too – upgrades can be costly, they can take
4 Oct 2017

A New Business Idea in Asia – Low Taxation for Your Company in Labuan

Investors with creative business ideas can look towards starting a company in Asia, in one of the low tax jurisdictions – Labuan (Malaysia). Incorporating a business in a low tax jurisdiction has a number of key advantages,
28 Sep 2017

Wish Finance: SME Lending Meets Ethereum Blockchain

Wish Finance is an innovative cutting-edge technology start-up company aiming to bring an alternative option to the traditional lending industry, beginning with the Singapore and Hong Kong SME marketplace. Located in Singapore the company is built and
27 Sep 2017

Sift App Makes Your Wallet Happy

Sift is an wallet app that unlocks hidden benefits of your credit cards. Sift automatically analyzes hidden benefits that are buried in complex retailer and credit card policies and files the appropriate claims on the user’s behalf, getting
26 Sep 2017

Everything You Need to Know to Open a Bank Account in EU Countries

If you own a business that’s doing well and you’re planning to expand and go international, the EU may seem like a great idea. After all, with a potential of 480 million consumers to engage, your business
26 Sep 2017

GoPUCC Collapsible Canteen and Shaker Bottle

GoPUCC Collapsible Canteen & Shaker Bottle is the world’s first collapsible multipurpose shaker bottle designed to accommodate all hot and cold beverages including protein shakes. The collapsible features allow athletes, hikers, and active on-the-go consumers to expand