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4 Oct 2015

GamEffective Enterprise Gamification App to Create Organization Changes

GamEffective is a comprehensive enterprise gamification platform, allowing your business and employees to support sales, customer service, social collaboration, elearning and much more in a game-like pursuit. How does GamEffective works? The gamification process is proven to
1 Oct 2015

NoPhone ZERO for Phone Addicts

The NoPhone ZERO has zero features. It’s a plastic rectangle for people who are addicted to rectangular devices. If you know someone who needs no phone, give them a NoPhone. With a thin, light and completely wireless design,
30 Sep 2015

Thanks! Easy Tipping App

Thanks! is designed so that we may quickly and easily express our gratitude whether we know the other person or not.  Send a message or send money, because it always feels good to be grateful or to
30 Sep 2015

6 Reasons Better Content Makes Your Business Better

Of all the great ideas that have germinated, sprouted, and grown across the Internet, the ongoing emphasis on quality content to drive search has been one of the best. Not only has it cut down on spam,
30 Sep 2015

Tilkee Cloud-based Sales Management App in Real-time

Tilkee is a cloud based app that increases sales team’s closing rate and optimizes prospects follow-up by tracking business proposal. Thanks to real-time alerts and detailed statistics on your prospects’ reading behaviors, you will be able to
29 Sep 2015

App to Make Gatherings

The hassle of mass texts can take the fun out of group events and puts much of the onus on the person who initiates plans. Tossup streamlines the process. Users simply post an idea for an activity,
28 Sep 2015

Content Marketing Business Ideas – 8 Highly Effective Ways to Enhance Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the popular ways of promoting products and services on the Internet. It is about creating and sharing content in various forms or formats, from articles to images and videos, to raise awareness
17 Sep 2015

Solar Powered Flashlight and Charger

When the electricity cuts out, you need spare batteries for two things: keeping your flashlight on, and charging your smartphone. Now on Kickstarter, Shine is a clever gadget that consolidates the two types of battery into a
16 Sep 2015

Stella Artois NOVA Small Draught Tap

NOVA launches today and aims to bring Stella Artois draught beer to places that don’t have the space or money for a full-scale tap system. The NOVA is an all-in-one unit that holds fully recyclable 12-liter kegs (the
15 Sep 2015

Expanding Trailer Camper

The 3X trailer deploys with the push of a button, tripling its interior space in a matter of seconds, turning a cramped road can by day into an expansive set of rooms at night. Designed by French company Beauer,
14 Sep 2015

Live Comfy Wearable Technology

Traveling can either be your best friend, or your worst nightmare. So Live Comfy decided to do something about that to make it tolerable for everyone. No more neck pillows, blankets, and tangled headphone cords. The Live Comfy travel jacket incorporates a bluetooth enabled smart pump that not only inflates air chambers surrounding your head in the hood, but can be done so with your phone via the Android or iOS app. The pump doesn’t just make your transit more comfortable, but also acts as a back up battery for any USB powered device should you need it. While Live Comfy boasts fantastic innovation in “Wearable Technology” they also didn’t take any shortcuts in style and comfort. Using a textured cotton blend on the outer shell of the jacket helps maintain breathability with an ultra soft microfiber for ultimate comfort. The fit of the jacket is undeniably perfect with tapered chest and waist, so you don’t look like you just threw on a poncho. The internal media pocket protects the pump and streamlines headphone wires for easy, handsfree listening.
11 Sep 2015

TO-DO Watch Organizer

«To-Do» watch organizer philosophy is simple and clean: with a help of liquid chalk marker and chalkboard paint surface you can write down all necessary tasks and make important notes on the go.  All you need is to