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23 Jun 2017

Cutwater Canned Vodka Sodas

Cutwater is producing new canned vodka sodas in fresh flavors like cucumber and grapefruit, which are especially fitting summer cocktails.
22 Jun 2017

Movavi Convenient Screen Capture Studio Done For MAC

If you are wondering how to record videos on the gadgets you use, we have the answer. It is obvious that there are times when you want to record a clip or a video or whatever is
22 Jun 2017

Houseparty Group Video Chat App

Group video chat app Houseparty, which boasts more than one million daily users, raised $50 million from Sequoia this winter. The service bills itself as a “living room” for youth, allowing up to eight people to video
21 Jun 2017

Flo Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Camera and Movie Maker App

Flo is an Intelligent Camera and Movie Maker app that auto-edits raw video footage into short cinematic movies using Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Everyone loves to shoot videos but don’t know what to do with them.
20 Jun 2017

Undress into New Outfit with Ease

Have you ever resorted to changing clothes using a towel or hiding in the car before or after your activities? That’s why we created The Undress so you can CHANGE out of what you’re wearing AND get
19 Jun 2017

Foldio3 Portable Photo Studio

The Foldio3 is a pop-up photo studio that has a massive eight cubic feet of interior space, is self-lit, and folds down to 40% smaller than competitors, thanks to our unique design. Here are the Foldio3’s impressive
15 Jun 2017

World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds – Touch

Touch is the latest generation from the team behind the first “World’s Smallest Earbud” also known as Dot Headset on Indiegogo. Touch has been crowdcreated from over 2 years of user feedback and community input. Void of
15 Jun 2017

How Trump’s New Healthcare Can Affect You

Everyone is talking about how President Donald Trump’s new replacement for Obamacare is going to impact ordinary people. Right now it’s hard to tell because we have few details. But what we do know is that the
15 Jun 2017

Does Your Company Run Work Vehicles? Here’s What You Need to Know About Safety and Liability

If your organization has a fleet of company cars, trucks, or other vehicles, it is important to do everything you can to ensure that workers and others are as safe as possible. This will help to prevent
12 Jun 2017

The Perfect Solution to Year-Round Weather Problems – The 3-in-1 Quilo™

Summers leave you with a hard choice – to either spend a lot of money covering your electricity bill thanks to high unit air conditioners, or to sweat your way through work and lie tossing and turning
26 May 2017

My Own Travel Scratch Map

Travel seems to be on everyone’s dreams list, especially the desire to see the world. Kids put together a dream scrapbook containing clips and photos of all the places they want to see in the world. There
25 May 2017

uHoo: Most Advanced Indoor Air Toxin Sensor

Meet uHoo – the most advanced air quality sensor in the world. With eight dedicated sensors, uHoo provides allergen and toxin alerts for air quality in the home and office. How uHoo started The idea for uHoo started as a conceptual