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29 Aug 2016

New Stockbroker Business Ideas Trends

Depending on the end-customer’s needs and level of knowledge in the stock market and investing, you can basically choose from two types of stockbroker business ideas in the new market space today. Full Service Brokers: Typically associated with
29 Aug 2016

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 222

Top stories in the latest BIZNESS! Newsletter:
- Rubiks Bookcase
- Pen That Repurposes Old Plastic Goods
- Open Source Precious Plastic Recycling Machines
- Chocolate Lego Sculptures
- Eating Europe Food Tours
- Geometric Shelves

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26 Aug 2016

Airtame 2.0 Let’s You Run Online Dashboards and Presentations on Any Screen

Airtame is a small wireless HDMI device that plugs into the HDMI port of any screen or projector. Unlike other wireless HDMI devices, nothing is plugged into your computer or smartphone. Simply download our app and stream
25 Aug 2016

“Bars” Adds Musical Twist to Messaging

New app Bars launches on iOS to bring music lyrics to texting. Smart algorithms allow Bars to quickly identify song lyrics creating an interactive chat experience drawing from a comprehensive library of songs and artists. The app
24 Aug 2016

Top 3 Money Making Cool Business Ideas that Let You Travel the World

There probably isn’t anyone who didn’t think to themselves at one point in their 20s, “I just want to quit my job/drop out of college and travel the world.” As humans, we seem to be drawn to
23 Aug 2016

Moment New Wearable Haptic Feedback Device

Moment is a device that communicates information entirely through your sense of touch—by drawing shapes and patterns on your wrist with precise vibrations. Moment’s initial features will offer GPS navigation, caller identification, notifications, alerts, and time augmentation, all through
22 Aug 2016

Livia Hits $1 Million On Indiegogo To Bring Period Pain Relief

Tapping into physiotherapy tech, Livia is a discrete wearable device which blocks pain receptors during Leak Weak through electrical pulses. This is a life changer, especially during times when Aunt Flo keeps you in bed all day.
19 Aug 2016

The Importance of Speed in Business

The importance of speed is an under-represented topic in business. In a world of instant messaging, 140-character Tweets, and six-second Vine videos, though, your audience is demanding it. The risks of rushing your product to market are
25 Jul 2016

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 221

Supermeat Creating Device To Grow Cultured Meat For Local Consumption SuperMeat, an Israeli foodtech startup, is developing the technology to create cultured meat from chicken cells in a safe and controlled environment, external to the animal’s body.
19 Jul 2016

How To Start Tech Business Idea On Antivirus Software Market?

Carpe Diem According to Zillya! Laboratory research, world’s antivirus software market was represented by more than 300 brands and reached 22 billion in 2015. Despite of dominancy of industry giants (Symantec, MacAfee, ESET etc.) local companies in
15 Jul 2016

Using Social Media to Make Your Next Trade Show Profitable for your Business

Many business owners have begun to realize the importance of social media, especially when they’re trying to market their next trade show event. Social media is a powerful tool that can reach the business masses. It’s also
12 Jul 2016

Avoid These Classic Startup Mistakes

When it comes to beginning a startup company, there are plenty of different obstacles that must be overcome. Without the right amount of knowhow, you may find that your ventures have ended before you have even had