Artistic Business Ideas in Berlin – Europe‘s Art Capital


Nowhere in Europe, there are more artists than in the German capital! In the “Big B”, art, culture, and music lovers may indulge in their passion fully. Here, you may find some very interesting tips about exhibitions, museums and other art events in Berlin. 

Photography, oil paintings or design – Exhibitions & galleries in Berlin

They are sheer countless in the capital of Germany! Those who prefer to walk in the footpaths of historic art could visit the Cathedral in Berlin. The majestic building has something truly awe-inspiring. Furthermore, the Cathedral regularly hosts fabulous exhibitions, most of which deal with long gone eras. No less spectacular exhibits await you at the Mitte Museum in Wedding; for example, until July 2015, you may admire images by Karl-Ludwig Lange from Berlin-Köpenick. Modern art is exhibited, among others, also in the Ephraim-Palais. Cineastes and friends of moving pictures will enjoy every moment in the Deutsche Cinematheque. An absolute highlight connects the cinema experience with the flair of an art exposition: Exhibition on Screen  is shown in many cinemas in Berlin and is a truly successful concept to bring the creations of artists within everyone’s reach. 

Street art in Berlin – The city as Gallery

In Berlin, if you walk through the city with open eyes, you are surrounded by art almost every step you take. There are extremely creative graffiti, funny flyers or crocheted trees. Street musicians of all stripes, artists and vibrant and creative people are part of a colourful cityscape that will surely inspire you. Places such as the Teufelsberg in the district of Charlottenburg, the East Side Gallery (the world’s longest open-air gallery) or the Eisenfabrik in Berlin Mitte are just a few of many places in Berlin where street art creates truly beautiful, poignant and impressive blooms. Artlocal is a blog, which deals exclusively with street art in Berlin and is certainly worth a visit!

Art alone is only half the fun!

Everything you experience is only half as good, if you cannot share it. Lonely men, who like to surround themselves with art, but would – quite naturally – do so with a pretty partner, may find discreet escorts for a certain time via high-class agencies in Berlin. These women are not only beautiful, but also educated and interested in art. Otherwise, in this colourful city, you will always meet someone with whom you may wonderfully discuss about art in general.