Artificial Intelligence in Careers Opportunity Platform

Opportunity matches you with professionals who can bring you sales, advance your career, help grow your network, and more. Use Opportunity to socialize and grow your network. Discover and meet only those professionals who share your interests and goals. Receive an alert each time a hiring manager posts a job opportunity that matches your job requirements (and vice versa).

Similar to popular dating applications that use matching algorithms to connect you with people for social reasons… Opportunity applies this same concept to connecting you with people who are a good fit for your business, your career and more. Unlike other business networks (i.e. LinkedIn) which require you to spend valuable time searching through thousands of profiles (resumes) to uncover opportunities… Opportunity does the work for you. Each day our system scans our network of millions of professional profiles to proactively connect you with people who have indicated they need your services, skills and more. Opportunity is all about connecting you with people you should know… not the people you already know.

  1. 12 months ago