Amazon’s Cashier-Less Store

Starting today, shoppers in downtown Seattle have the opportunity to visit Amazon Go, a mini-market some are calling a “store of the future.” The reason why is apparent nearly immediately upon entry — this store has no cash registers and no cashiers.

The entrance to Amazon Go features turnstiles like those found at subway stations, and with a swipe of the store’s smartphone app, shoppers are granted entry. Then, they can choose from a selection of items typically found at a compact supermarket or convenience store, such as soda, chips, and other small food items.

The store does not offer shopping carts or baskets. Shoppers instead put all of the items they intend to purchase directly into the bags they’ll take with them. While this part of the process could prove impractical if the concept is ever applied to a larger store, it works fine for the 1,800-square-foot market.

After picking out what they’d like to buy, shoppers simply walk back out the same gates they entered through — no waiting in line necessary. Cameras throughout the store use machine learning software to keep track of shoppers’ chosen items, and their Amazon accounts are charged once they leave.

Amazon’s Cashier-Less Convenience Store Is Now Open to the Public [Futurism]

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