Algae Shoe

A bucket of pond water might not seem like a performance enhancer. But that could change this year with VIVOBAREFOOT’s latest shoe.

The VIVOBAREFOOT x Bloom running shoes will be the first made entirely of algae-EVA foam. They offer an alternative to the petroleum-based foam that’s found in almost every other running shoe on the market.

U.S.-based bio-material producer Bloom culls algae from freshwater sources like lakes, rivers, and ponds around the world. The brand then mixes it with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) to make a pliable, cushiony material.

The resultant algae-foam will, according to Bloom, “meet or exceed existing performance standards” for traditional foam thanks to its “natural thermoplastic qualities.”

Running Shoes Made From ‘Algae Foam’ [GearJunkie]

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