50 Story Tower For Tenants To Grow Food

50 Story Tower For Tenants To Grow Food

Hydroponic technology has come a long way in a short time, so it’s no surprise to see architects integrating growing systems into new projects. D+DS architecture is taking this idea to the green extreme with their new residential concept called URBAN PLANT. Designed to be a fully sustainable housing complex, the project envisions a living solution where tenants would be able to grow their own food year-round in a flourishing winter garden.

D+DS chose a site located on the East River just north of the Manhattan Bridge for URBAN PLANT. The architects’ vision of the 50-story-tower is a full-cycle sustainable structure that provides a healthy environment for its residents will having a positive impact on the local community and economy. By reducing its carbon footprint and generating its own energy, the architects hope to “develop a stronger relationship between man and nature in a dense urban environment.”

URBAN PLANT Tower Would Allow Tenants To Grow Food Year-Round In A Flourishing Winter Garden [Upriser]

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