4 Things You Should Do To Find Inspiration For Your Business

Inspiration on a chalkboard

Perhaps you’re a budding entrepreneur or you’ve got a knack for creating new things. Even the most creative people sometimes find it hard to get the inspiration going. One of the best ways to find the motivation to get up out of your seat and into the real world. Take a notebook, open up your mind to new ventures, and you’ll likely find what you’re looking for when you’re least looking for it. Here are a few recommendations to get you started:

1.) Attend Fairs & Conferences

Finding creativity in the workplace and out of the office can be difficult, but there are some events that can certainly ignite a spark. Even more, there’s plenty of opportunity to network and discuss potential collaborations. From panel discussions to product demonstrations and startup pitches, there’s much to draw inspiration from.

Maker Faire

Maker Faire is one of the greatest (in size and scope) fairs in the world. From New York to the Bay Area, the Maker Faire brings together people and projects from all around the world. It describes itself as: “Maker Faire is part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new.” It’s a showcase of creativity, invention, and resourcefulness, and brings together engineers, artists, tech enthusiasts, crafters, science clubs, food artisans, and so much more. Maker Faire participants can show off their hard work and creativity, while attendees can find the inspiration to become Makers themselves. Technology plays a big role in the Maker Faire; on any given day, you can find sponsors giving away free PCB design software, play with and explore new technology, try out new gadgets and gizmos, and learn more about the industry.

Techcrunch Disrupt

Techcrunch Disrupt debuts revolutionary startups and game-changing technologies, gathering investors, entrepreneurs, tech fans and hackers in one space. Attendees have the opportunity to learn and discuss with the tech industry’s key innovators and see how others are applying it to their work and creative ventures.

In fact, ironically, startup DropCar found inspiration at TechCrunch when they were fed up with how difficult it was to arrive at the location (which was far from subways, leading to surged Uber and Lyft prices). DropCar offers scheduled and on-demand valet and was able to shuttle people to the event, cutting commute time in half. Since the company launched in 2015, it experienced quarter over quarter growth.

Create & Cultivate

Create & Cultivate is one of many creative conferences available nationwide. The one-day event that brings together lover of design, fashion, beauty, and blogging, and is geared towards the DIY community. It’s filled with panels, mentor power hours, workshops, sessions and more. It focuses on entertaining and informing creative women around the world, touching on topics like business development, and marketing.

2.) Take A Class

Taking a class or learning a skill can get your engine revving and help you hit the ground running. Consider taking a class in art or computer science at your local city college, or enroll in a more specific program with a company like General Assembly. General Assembly offers classes in design, marketing, technology, and data, in addition to a few other services like mentor matchup and online courses. Explore the course lineup and see what fits with you.

Your class doesn’t have to be focused on the discipline you’re interested in pursuing career-wise; try taking an art or writing class as an alternative. Explore your local Groupon for art workshops and check out programs like Gotham Writer’s Workshop for exploratory writing options.

3.) Meet New People

This can be tough for introverts, but going outside of your boundaries is important to broaden your horizons. In addition to classes, fairs, traveling and conferences, meet people in places where interaction is encouraged. Look for a local Meetup that piques your interest, and try to stick to smaller grouped events that give you more of a personal interaction. You can also join a book club or explore other events in your area.

4.) Go On A Trip

Psychologists and neurologists have long discussed the link between travel and creativity. Going on a trip can truly open your eyes and mind to the world around you and the way you can improve it. “It’s very important for inspiration to go elsewhere: to move away from the city into pastoral settings, and to make space for meditation,” says artist Isaac Julien.

It’s been proven that new sights, sounds, languages, smells, and sensations have the potential to spark different synapses in the brain and revitalize the mind. A new type of immersion could give you the necessary push you need to figure out what you’re working on what project you should be working on.