3D and VR Technology Revolutionize Human Anatomy Learning

Anatomy Next creates award-winning 2D, 3D and augmented reality, web-based software as an anatomical learning and understanding aid for medical education students and medical professionals, which precisely captures every feature and detail of the human body. The Seattle based company consists of a group of internationally certified medical professionals, developers and 3D visualization specialists ready to improve medical education. They work towards achieving the goal of revolutionizing medicine through 3D technology, in order to create an enjoyable learning environment for students, and ultimately to help medical providers provide better patient care. Anatomy Next currently has pilot programs at seven universities in the US and EU, with 50 more in the negotiation stage. After receiving  $500,000 in the first round of funding, Anatomy Next is currently in the second round of funding.

Based on high-resolution radiological data, the 3D Anatomy Atlas allows students to experience anatomical structures in the finest quality and the most detail. With the 3D Anatomy Atlas you can fully rotate, zoom in and view isolated muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels. The application offers options to hide and fade structures, allowing students to see their location in relation to other tissues, bones, and important landmarks. Detailed educational descriptions allow students to discover muscle origin, insertion, function, innervation, and blood supply among other details.