3 Ways Auto Dealerships are Pushing Advertising


Advertising is constantly in motion. It’s why everybody knows somebody in marketing, any why consumers often feel so pursued by brands. With so many avenues of communication to the average individual, and so many more products and services with which to tempt them, it’s no wonder that ads find their way into every activity people do with screens, and screens find their ways into more parts of our lives. There are many industries driving advertising’s continued development, and auto dealerships are as involved as any.

While there are many industries whose needs push advertising into new frontiers, auto dealerships are one of the most interesting to observe. For one thing, they have huge and ever-changing inventories. For another, there is little brand loyalty for individual dealerships. Consumers often have an adversarial relationship with dealerships. Though this has been proven to be a misunderstanding on the part of the consumer (see This American Life’s brilliant piece on used car salesmen), the feeling is lasting. Therefore, it is necessary for dealerships to take marketing efforts to the next level in order to maximize limited profit in a very challenging industry.

Developments in the internet and mobile spheres brought revolutions to the way companies like these could advertise. Marketing agencies like ShowRoom Logic brought new techniques to the field, using the competition inherent in the automotive industry to span the gap between a dealership’s inventory and a customer with specific needs in mind. The fastest growing advertising methods in this sphere are Pay Per Click and Search Marketing.

While these advertising methods are both very complex, ShowRoomLogic has tailored them to the needs of industry wide sellers. One of the biggest difficulties these sellers have is in recording their large inventories in a way that is up to date. This was one of the easiest problems to fix. Customers searching for a specific make or model will find this advertisement method the path of least resistance. Sellers using this technology can quickly funnel interested parties into their inventory, tracking each click and creating lasting leads.

Using the core AdLogic system, it is very easy for sellers to see which marketing efforts are working and which are not. In this way, it is possible for sellers in see exactly how much each click is costing them. For an industry with tight margins, it’s important to know that marketing investments are paying off. These advances in web and mobile advertising technology are making this more possible than ever.

One of the other problems for advertising dealerships that ShowRoomLogic has fixed is that buyers so frequently failed to stay on any one site or the other. A potential buyer might briefly alight upon one dealer’s site, only to jump around somewhere else without establishing a lead. This advertising model allows seller inventories to follow buyers wherever they travel in the web and mobile spheres. There are many other ways to make these persistent ads more relevant to the needs of the buyer. The end goal, though elusive, is to try to present the perfect product to the buyer, at the right price, at the instant they are ready to buy. While this code may never be fully cracked, it’s one that advertisers like this are getting ever closer to, and companies like ShowRoomLogic are better at this task than any advertisers before.