Monthly Archive:: January 2012

31 Jan 2012

Skill Punch: Learning Resource Directory is a directory for online learning resources, we built. Online learning is great. But let’s face it: Sometimes it is just too much of a hassle to look for all the possible resources and compare them.
30 Jan 2012

Bike Spa

Bike Spa is a group of experienced engineers and riders, professionals, with experience in distribution of motorcycle accessories and parts. Bike Spa has been developed an innovative, reliable and effective solution of an automatic wash machine for
29 Jan 2012

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 123

    Fresh Ideas For Your Brand (That Won’t Freak Your Clients Out) Now, that sounds just like exactly what you need to get your business fired up and moving along! But then reality creeps in. There’s
29 Jan 2012

Biking Shelves

Shoebox Dwelling: I can never get enough book and bike storage, and when I see these things combined – it’s Christmas. Bookbike by BYografia is a clever hybrid, addressing both your reading and riding needs. The piece is
28 Jan 2012

Go Retro with Iphone

Popgadget: At the annual gifting lounge extravaganza (this one sponsored by Live Loyal PR in celebration of the Golden Globes awards) we spotted the “MoFone,”a retro handset with an insert for an iPhone. (There’s no Bluetooth or
27 Jan 2012

BiKN Helps You Keep Track of Your Life

If you’re one of those people that frequently misplaces their keys, wallet, or even remote, the BiKN iPhone app and attachment can help you keep track of all these items at all times. In fact, it will
26 Jan 2012

Wallee Headrest

SwissMiss: Wallee Headrest Mount for the car made me look. Our iPad usually saves long car rides but I oftentimes end up holding it awkwardly between me and my husband on the armrest. Well, Wallee might save
25 Jan 2012

The Bike Valet

Shoebox Dwelling: This exciting bike storage idea belongs to Sacramento based design duo Steven Tiller and Stephanie Birch of Reclamation Art + Furniture studio. The project was born out of necessity – the couple lives in a small
24 Jan 2012

Touchscreen Waiter

TrendCentral: Getting a waiter’s or bartender’s attention during a busy weekend rush can pose a real, and often irritating, challenge. The Draqie has arrived to potentially alleviate such frustration. Part dinner table and part waiter, it’s an
23 Jan 2012

Pretty FieldCandy Tents

The Cool Hunter: FieldCandy tents do not give you camouflage protection in the natural setting, nor do they help you blend in with the rest of the crowd at the campsite. FieldCandy tents are designed to stand