Monthly Archive:: June 2011

20 Jun 2011

Cardboard Furniture

Shoebox Dwelling: This furniture collection from Australian company KARTON made me gasp. The pieces are so elaborately designed – I can barely perceive them as temporary solutions. Constructed from high grade corrugated cardboard, the line ranges from sitting,
18 Jun 2011

OpenStudy Social Network for Students

TechCrunch: Education-focused startup OpenStudy is a platform for “massively multi-player study groups.” What this means is that students who are studying the same subject like math or writing can ask and answer questions on OpenStudy, which uses
18 Jun 2011

Flexible Door Handle

“Kobu” is the Japanese term that I used to define the concept of a flexible and adaptable lever handle. The project was born from a ready made of industrial materials for studing new methods to approach the
17 Jun 2011

Foodie Search

Springwise: Billed as a “community of culinary tourism,” French Spoontrip is a place where travelers can book activities with local, gastronomy-minded providers while locals with a culinary flair can offer and advertise their own activities for free.
16 Jun 2011

Make Cooling Mist

FreshTrend: Tired of traveling and not being able to sleep because the air is too dry? Use this lightweight, portable humidifier that generates a cool mist using ultrasonic vibrations and regular tap water from any water bottle.
16 Jun 2011

Market Research from Social Networks

Aiming to provide higher-quality results at a lower price, Chicago-based Lab42 conducts its clients’ surveys not in artificially assembled panels but in the social networks where target respondents naturally spend their time. Lab42 takes the survey to
15 Jun 2011

TransferWise Currency Exchange

TransferWise, founded by early employees of Skype, is a new service offering better currency exchange rates by connecting consumers. With its aim to become the Skype of currency exchange, the service makes it possible for European consumers
14 Jun 2011

Bus Ticket Purchase via SMS

Springwise: Through a partnership with mobile payments firm Bemoov, ATAF — short for Azienda Trasporti Area Fiorentina — now gives riders on its Florence city buses a way to buy their tickets via SMS. Users of the
14 Jun 2011

Audio in Print

Adverblog: To promote a music festival in Brazil, F/Nazca came up with the amazing idea of embedding an audio message on the cover of Playboy magazine. A mini-chip has been inserted in the cover and users can
13 Jun 2011

Suburban Camping

Suburban Camping is a company that sets up a variety of camping scenarios in your backyard, from canvas tents to cots and trail mix bars to outdoor movies. All campsites are set up by an experienced outfitter