Monthly Archive:: June 2011

30 Jun 2011

CitySoil Complementary to Green Roof

CitySoil™ was born as a result of years of research by leading soil scientists and green roof professionals in collaboration with universities, research institutes and partner companies.  The majority of CitySoil™ is inorganic component – extremely light
29 Jun 2011

Functional Bathtub

Shoebox Dwelling: When it comes to bathroom storage we, small space inhabitants, are not spoiled with the abundance of choice. Which is why this collection from Royo Group is so exciting. The Keops Evolution series feature functional
28 Jun 2011

Transparent Marketing: The Brand Factory

The Brand Factory is a start-up marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia. What is unique about it is that all the marketing services are priced at a fixed-rate on the website. Typically, agencies in the communications don’t
27 Jun 2011

Design in a Bag

TrendCentral: Anyone who’s wandered through aisles of paint swatches can attest to the overwhelming prospect of starting a renovation without expert help. KitchenLab’s clever Design in a Bag service offers a solution: design starter kits for kitchen
27 Jun 2011

For Urban Gardeners

Shoebox Dwelling: Eco-conscious urban gardeners – rejoice! Here is a product in which recycling meets hydroponics in one compact package. Grow Bottles is a smart invention by Potting Shed Creations, that will allow you to grow fresh
25 Jun 2011

Vege Set

Springwise: Recently another like-minded innovation caught our eye: all-in-one “Grow Your Own” boxes from UK-based Allotinabox. Though the company’s own website is still in the works, Allotinabox now sells limited-edition Grow Your Own boxes on Amazon, filled
24 Jun 2011

The N-spired Story: The Interactive T-shirt

The N-spired Story: Writing the book of the world one interactive t-shirt at a time! from The N-spired Story on Vimeo. The N-spired Story is the first ever book printed on interactive t-shirts that tells a story
23 Jun 2011

Puppy Run

The inspiration for is from the creator’s own “monster” miniature schnauzers, Pete and Sam. This invention solves all the problems associated with running and walking your dog/dogs. It allows the user to take their dogs for
22 Jun 2011

Put Your Stuff On Dreams

Shoebox Dwelling: This whimsical shelf by Dripta Design Studio made me smile. Designed to resemble a thought bubble, it could be a fun addition to a living and a kids room alike. It may not be able
21 Jun 2011 to Buy and Sell

Influx Insights: Social Listing is an NYC based start-up that could take some business away from E-Bay and Craigslist. is an application that’s designed for Android and iPhone who’s purpose is to create a geo-social market