Monthly Archive:: April 2011

30 Apr 2011

Bring-Along Humidifier

FreshTrend: Tired of traveling and not being able to sleep because the air is too dry? Use this lightweight, portable humidifier that generates a cool mist using ultrasonic vibrations and regular tap water from any water bottle.
29 Apr 2011

Portable Sauna

PopupCity: Studio Elmo Vermijs is about to launch its latest project, a mobile pop-up sauna. The so-called ‘folding sauna’ was initiated in 2010, based on the idea to enjoy a sauna at various locations and in different
28 Apr 2011

Lunch Bugs To Ward Off Thieves

Uber Review: Nobody wants to steal a sandwich that looks like it has a big disgusting bug mushed into it – of course on the flip-side you do have to consider the fact that would-be lunch thieves
28 Apr 2011

Swiss-Army Like Pen

Uber Review: A lot of multi-function gadgets fall a little short of being able to deliver as promised – this multi-function pen actually looks kinda cool. It is built from brass and comes with a level, a
27 Apr 2011

Toddy Smart Cloth

USAToday: Tired of peering through smudges? If you’re staring at a dirty screen, you’ll need to take care before you clean. One gentle option is the Toddy smart cloth. Available in more than 30 whimsical designs, the
27 Apr 2011

Butt Printing

The Donut Project: A guerilla campaign for Superette is leaving quite an impression (haha) on New Zealanders. By putting indented plates across the inner city and fashion district bus stops, mall seats and park benches, those who
26 Apr 2011

Self Heating Bottles

Babygadget: Who better to design products for babies than a dad of twins and of a baby with colic? These are guys who really understand the challenges of parenthood – and who were desperate to retain some
25 Apr 2011

Peer Pressure Running System

Mashable: As some have discovered, social media can be used to hold yourself accountable for weight-loss goals. But what about for taking that scheduled run? Reebok hopes to play that role with a new app called The
25 Apr 2011


BikeWrappers is a strikingly reflective and removable bike reflector system that makes your entire bike frame highly visible to motorist at night and gives your bike a little style during the day. The double-sided fabric is designed
25 Apr 2011

Ride on the Green Bandwagon

Inhabitat: Public transportation is going green in Albany. The Capital District Transportation Authority has launched BusPlus, a new, limited stop bus line featuring hybrid buses and eco-friendly bus shelters, made with up to 85 percent recycled material