Monthly Archive:: January 2011

31 Jan 2011

Ask GoodGuide for Green Ratings

You could imagine that if Consumer Reports and LEED got together and had a baby; it might look something like GoodGuide. The Guide currently has close to 80,000 products evaluated in categories like personal care, food, household
30 Jan 2011

Cemetery Wedding Paulita Flores says her wedding site was beautiful once she got past the caskets, urns and cemetery views, reports Melanie D. Hayes in the Indianapolis Star (1/19/11). “At first, when I pulled up and saw it
28 Jan 2011

Hand-Made Chocs

Derry Church Artisan Chocolates hand-produce world-class French style chocolate bon bons. They make a point on their website to note that their delicious gourmet chocolates are produced in small batches, by human beings, not machines. Who might
27 Jan 2011

Get Real with Caribou Coffee’s Ad

OhGizmo: As part of a campaign for their new “Hot ‘n Wholesome” breakfast menu, Caribou Coffee’s ad agency, Colle + McVoy, created these amazing bus shelter advertisements for the city of Minneapolis. Not only do they look
26 Jan 2011

Pets Poop Vacuum

Uber-Review: When it comes to pets, dogs are sooooo much better than cats in all ways but one: they don’t really care where they take a crap. You take them for a walk and they will go
25 Jan 2011

Salad Spinning Bag

Cool Tools: You simply place freshly washed greens in the bag, twist the top of the bag closed, make a fist around the twist and spin the bag vigorously a few times quickly. Water is automatically collected
24 Jan 2011

Ultimate Duo Luxurious Coffee Machine

BornRich: A well-designed coffee machine is as much a consideration as the brewing performance when you are in the market for buying one. Sieger design has designed a new generation of coffee machine for Kaffee Partner with
24 Jan 2011

Waterless Car Wash

No more hose, bucket, or soapy mess. How? Simply spray your car with our waterless car wash formula, wipe clean and admire away. The Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash’s unique blend of plant-based surfactants break down surface
23 Jan 2011

Call Me When You’re Back App Created by Chicago-based Sandbox Industries, Bluelight users begin by telling the app how much time they need to get to their destination on a particular occasion, such as a late-night trip home. They also designate a
22 Jan 2011

Kiss My Valentine for Romeos

I4U: If you are the sort that has to send Valentines gifts to every woman, you ever knew we have a new app just for you. The app is called Kiss My Valentine and has a countdown