Monthly Archive:: October 2010

11 Oct 2010

Start at Kochhause for Simple Meals

TrendHunter: Berlin’s Kochhaus grocery store is making shopping easy for tired, hardworking customers. Throughout the store are stalls that advertise meal ideas with takeaway recipes that list all the ingredients and the total cost of the meal
10 Oct 2010

Dunhill’s Biometric Wallet

Luxist: The wallet has traditionally been a low-tech device but not anymore as biometrics is changing the way we carry money. Dunhill has come out with their own version of the Biometric Wallet that promises to keep
9 Oct 2010

Being Opportune About The Shake-up

Christchurch brewer of Three boys beer is about to release an “Aftershock” ale – in special commemoration of the Canturbury Quake earlier this month. This limited run of 1200 litres, was unexpectedly seasoned by the Magnitude 5.1
9 Oct 2010

Cool Cords

TrendBlog: The Cord Router accessory from KDDI’s designer mobile brand iida is a product that makes a functional tool more interesting. Composed of two red and green hoops, you can stick these onto your wall and “hang”
8 Oct 2010

Regenerative Bike Brakes by Ebike

Trends Updates: The ebike, that has been developed in collaboration with GRACE, essentially generates power through the kinetic energy produced by the rider’s pedaling and this electric power in turn is used to assist the riders in
7 Oct 2010

KFC Go Recyclable

Triple Pundit: By 2011, KFC claims that the company will reduce the use of foam by over 60% and total plastic use by 17%. Part of the push will be an introduction of reusable packaging. Currently 60%
6 Oct 2010

Billiard Dining Table

Urban Review: The folks at Koraltürk furniture have figured out an elegant way around the whole billiard table / space equation. Their billiard tables transform into dining tables – which is an excellent idea, because most dining
5 Oct 2010

Stainless Steel Wallet

Gizmodiva: I have never come across steel wallets before, but the Women’s Stainless Steel Wallet at Hammacher makes a compelling case for itself. It is surprisingly slim, in fact it is three times thinner than a piece
4 Oct 2010

Cool Drinks with Simple Science

FreshTrend: The design of this carafe actually keeps liquid cooler the warmer it is outside, making it completely self-cooling. No high-tech gadgets are involved, just simple science. The clay terracotta that makes up the carafe uses natural
3 Oct 2010

Flavour-changing Cookie

New Scientist: Imagine you could dip your hand in the cookie jar and be guaranteed to pull out whatever flavour you feel like. For cookie-lovers visiting the SIGGRAPH computer graphics and animation conference in Los Angeles, this