Monthly Archive:: October 2010

23 Oct 2010

Picture Speaks a Thousand Words Literally

Iconoculture: The Photo Album Story Teller lets consumers give voice to their prized pictures. The battery-powered device comes packaged with 500 individually coded stickers. Consumers append a sticker to the photo of their choice and then scan
22 Oct 2010

Smiling Bracers

Icanhasinternets: Now with the Beauty Smile Trainer, you can take your ugly daughter and instantly transform her into the next Miss America (Miss Japan, maybe?). Using this patented rubber insert you can take a sad face and
21 Oct 2010

When Shoe and Gadgets come together

Gizmodiva: Window designs should be captivating, they should absolutely hold any passer by’s attention. That’s exactly what Dutch duo Lernert & Sander have done for big-time London department store Selfridges through their spectacular window designs series. This
19 Oct 2010

Modernist Rocking Horse

Babygadget: It is simple. It’s elegant. It’s intriguing, too: we bet that if you saw one in real life, you’d be dying to touch it, not to mention sit on it. The Hut-Hut  is a “reinterpretation of
17 Oct 2010

Hug a Mug

Uber Review: While it is a fact that most people make their coffee far too hot, temperatures in the low 90Cs are still more than hot enough to do your hands some damage. That’s why mugs have
16 Oct 2010

Mac Farm

USAToday: Old MacDonald isn’t the only one who has a farm. For one day only, so does McDonald’s. The world’s largest fast-food company today is partnering in an unusual 24-hour tie-in with the year-old, wildly popular FarmVille
15 Oct 2010

Write an Icon Diary

Daileez is first icon diary & online journal that gives you a backwards glance at your life and the lives of others, in icons. Use what you experienced and “iconize” your day. Choose an icon that best
14 Oct 2010

NFL-Branded Vending Machine

Business Journal: Add Minnesota Vikings merchandise to the list of items now sold in vending machines. The Eden Prairie-based football team and Indianapolis-based merchandise monger MainGate Inc. installed a Vikings vending machine at the Mall of America
13 Oct 2010

Askalo a Question

Askalo (ask a local) is a free Q&A website that helps you with all of your local questions and answers. If you have any questions about things to do and see in your city, askalo will give
12 Oct 2010

Awesome Pizza Cutter

This new Star Trek Pizza Cutter from ThinkGeek allows you to cut pizza where no pizza cutter has gone before. The all solid metal construction with stainless steel blade, lazer etched with the ship’s famous insignia, is