Monthly Archive:: October 2010

31 Oct 2010

Concept Bag

Josh Spear: Very nice. Clean lines, supple leather and a very smart concept make 6 p.m. by cncpt-first a high quality bag that can be built around your own personal style and mood. Each bag is simply
31 Oct 2010

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 108

Mac Farm Old MacDonald isn’t the only one who has a farm. For one day only, so does McDonald’s. The world’s largest fast-food company today is partnering in an unusual 24-hour tie-in with the year-old, wildly popular
30 Oct 2010

Wallets to Wear

Springwise: There are many occasions in life in which carrying a wallet or purse is inconvenient, and yet there are also very few alternatives. Rather than storing money and keys in a shoe or — heaven forbid
29 Oct 2010

Impulse Buys Enabled by

CNET: As if it weren’t already a breeze to spend money on Amazon, the retail giant’s updated Amazon for iPhone app just made it even easier to instantly shell out for wares. The latest version of Amazon
28 Oct 2010

Exotic Vine Wine

Luxist: L’Esprit de June is an exotic vine flower liqueur created from grape blossoms. L’Esprit de June, also called June Liqueur, is created by combining the vine flower distillates of three different grape varietals with a grape
27 Oct 2010

Wear a PeaceBOMB Bracelet

Josh Spear: Check out this incredible Kickstarter project and support it if you can. I’ve just now become an Executive Producer. The bracelets shown here (and highlighted in the video) are made from scrap metal left from
26 Oct 2010

The Money Machine

FreshTrend: Change spends just as well as paper money yet we tend to neglect it, leaving coins all over our dressers, coffee tables, and car ashtrays. Money Machine 2 answers that problem with a quick and easy
25 Oct 2010

Clean IQAir

Cool Tools:Many of us live in environments or buildings where air quality is poor or downright unhealthy, and many airborne pollutants and allergens end up in in our lungs. Depending on your sensitivity, age and other factors,
25 Oct 2010

LED Skin

Inhabitat: While it may seem like tattoos are the norm now, no one has ink like this. A team from the University of Illinois led by John Rogers has devised a method to actually install LED lights
24 Oct 2010

Tap Squeeze Drinking Fountain

Strange New Products: Tapi is a rubber adapter that fits onto the end of most sink and garden faucets allowing you to turn them into drinking fountains. By squeezing the end, water is forced upwards. Turn Your