Monthly Archive:: December 2007

20 Dec 2007

ClayValet Shops For You

ClayValet is a Seattle-based startup on a mission to simplify the way people find products online. It is a free personal shopping service that uses real people to find items that best satisfy customers’ individual needs. Internet
20 Dec 2007

Mobile Greetings from Cellyspace

Mobile Weblog: Sending SMS or MMS during holidays is one way to show our affection to our dear family and friends without spending too much. Now, you can customize your greetings with It has launched a
19 Dec 2007

Glucoboy Glucose Meter

GearLog: The Glucoboy isn’t just a standalone blood glucose meter designed for kids and adolescents; it also gives kids access to two full-length video games and a mini-arcade when used with the Nintendo Game Boy Advance or
19 Dec 2007

Watch Tote

CoolBuzz: If you enjoy capturing attention wherever you go, sling along some funky accessories that are attention grabbers. Check out the Glitzy Watch Tote, a head turner all the way. The dazzling highlight of this black patent-finish
18 Dec 2007

Premium Honey Get ready to welcome honey to the world of PREMIUMIZATION. Most supermarket honey is imported from China and Argentina, and/or blended from many sources, creating a homogenous taste. But, like water, marshmallows, and beer, honey is
17 Dec 2007

Book Swap Mr. Buckman got the idea for BookMooch on a visit to Norwich, England, in late 2005. A local community center had a book-sharing corner, he recalled, “with a sign that said ‘Leave a book. Take a
16 Dec 2007

101 New Business Ideas for Retirees: They Just Don’t Have The Time

We’ve all heard people saying this but do you realize this is an opportunity for a business? Serving a busy customer could be just the thing needed to make your business a success. Most two-earner families, after
15 Dec 2007

e-textbooks The paper version of “Psychology,” a popular college textbook by David G. Myers, weighs nearly 5 pounds and costs roughly $90 new and $70 used. The digital version is easy on a backpack and costs $55.
15 Dec 2007

WittFitt: Bouncy Seats

Iconoculture: WittFitt wants to harness kids’ propensity for movement and improve their fitness and focus by replacing classroom chairs with bouncy stability balls. The program educates students and teachers on benefits of a healthy spine and core
14 Dec 2007

Restickable Glue

Cool Tools: Whereas most glue sticks are designed to permanently stick paper to paper, this glue stick is designed to create instant, repositionable sticky notes out of just about anything (Scotch specifies fabric or paper). A swipe
13 Dec 2007

Eyelash Bars

TrendCentral: Eyelash bars first became a beauty trend when Shu Uemura opened one in Tokyo’s hip Omotesando neighborhood two years ago. Once primarily attracting high end beauty shoppers or outrageously dressed clubbers, the Shu Uemura eyelash bar
12 Dec 2007

Invoke Nvohk

Nvohk is a community-managed, eco-friendly, surf-inspired clothing company. Nvohk is now recruiting members via Pronounced ‘invoke’, the company combines the best of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding business models to develop and launch a new lifestyle brand that