Monthly Archive:: October 2007

21 Oct 2007

Metal Refreshing Lollipop

Strange New Products: The Zilopop is marketed as a breath freshener, in the form of a stainless steel lollipop. It’s made in Germany and marketed in the USA by Charlotte, NC-based Frieling USA, where it’s dubbed, “SmellKiller”.
20 Oct 2007


So you have seen advertisements from commercials to billboards. Now advertisers are looking at your skin to place their ads! Look at how this Orange County based company is getting venues to let advertisers on their customer’s
19 Oct 2007

Stylish Laptop Bag

Gearlog: In the past couple years, plenty of laptop-bag makers have ventured beyond the ubiquitous black-nylon clones; but I rarely see a bag I’d use even if I didn’t have a laptop to put in it. But
18 Oct 2007

New Life for Old Photos

Cool Tool: This service will digitize your old slides, negatives and photographic prints at high quality and at a very cheap price. I’ve been using them to scan my 30-year backlog of photographs and I have been
17 Oct 2007

Never Scratch A Disc Again

Protect your discs the easy way with Protective Disc Skins from d_skin. They protect your DVD, data, video game and music discs from scratches even while they play. Just snap a d_skin onto your favorite discs and
17 Oct 2007

Caller Tune Advertisement

“Caller tune Advertisement” is all about publishing advertisements as caller tunes on user’s mobile phones, so that the callers will listen to the advertisement until the user picks up the phone. In a nutshell, this idea is
17 Oct 2007

Frisper Freshkeeper

Cool Hunting: Bulky design, fussy mechanisms and the trickiness involved in resealing the bags offsets the glory of vacuum sealers’ ability to keep our precious Roquefort, pineapples, mushrooms and the like at their freshest. In steps Oliso’s
16 Oct 2007

Sharkah’s Organic Jeans

The Cool Hunter: The newest front in the ecological war on waste appears to be denim. Hailing from the unlikely origins of India, Sharkah Chakra has appeared on the market as the answer to the organically-leaning, ecologically-savvy
16 Oct 2007

Salad Billboard

Canton Daily Ledger: At some point in life, just about all of us have spelled something out on our plate with food. A University of Illinois Horticulturist has taken this concept to new heights – spelling out
15 Oct 2007

Text Link Advertising with TNX

Here’s a million-dollar question: how do I increase the Google PageRank of my website? According to search engine optimization specialists, the two most crucial factors affecting your website’s ranking are the availability of useful content and quality
15 Oct 2007

Pure Music Mobile

Maktoob Business: Samsung and Bang & Olufsen Inspire the world again with Serenata, the pure music mobile. Serenata is a music mobile phone focusing on sound quality and at the same time on bringing a more sophisticated
14 Oct 2007

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 54

A Crystal Clear Vision Ensures Success Throughout Your Organization With increasing global competition, it is more important than ever that each employee in your organization have a clear understanding of the company’s overall vision, be in alignment