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25 Aug 2007

Video Email

Video Email is a revolutionary new way in how we communicate with one another. In our personal lives, we send out an average of 15 emails per week. In our business lives, the company as a collective
25 Aug 2007

Words of Wisdom, On Your Car

Windshield Wisdom Cards are little placards you place on your car’s dashboard. They’re white letters printed backwards on a black background — so they reflect up in readable form onto the bottom edge of your windshield. They’re
24 Aug 2007

Cooling Mists In the summer, misters that spray fine droplets of water on tourists are a common sight at casino pools and restaurant patios. Now the cooling systems are becoming a hot trend in outdoor living at home.
24 Aug 2007


Edmonton Journal: As more green-minded Canadians look to spend their vacation dollars in eco-friendly places, environmentally sensitive resorts, hotels, inns and lodges are popping up like organic mushrooms. Whitewater Village, a 38-cottage year-round eco-resort planned by Windmill
24 Aug 2007

Classical Music Ringtones The main attraction at Booseytones is its wide range of less pedestrian ringtones. Being the world’s largest publisher of classical music, Boosey & Hawkes can draw from an immense catalogue of music by such distinguished 20th
23 Aug 2007

Sheilas’ Wheels Coverage Oh, and let’s not forget about automotive insurance: UK-based Sheilas’ Wheels, a division of esure, launched in October 2005 to provide competitive quotes for women. Sheilas’ Wheels designed a policy for women, with features such as
22 Aug 2007

Loyalty Through Sustainability

Triple Pundit: Kimpton Hotels, based in San Francisco with over 40 three- and four-star boutique hotels around the US, has made a life-long commitment to environmental responsibility. They’ve proven that operating with sustainable values won’t stop them
21 Aug 2007

Bullet-proof Backpacks

Staten Island Advance: Shopping for school supplies has always been serious business, but the climate in our society means that the wrong choices could cost your son or daughter his or her life. At least that’s the
21 Aug 2007

Interactive Floorplans

Webware: Whether you custom order a sleek, suede couch or drag in a ratty, plaid one found on Craigslist, planning where to put it can be a pain. Floor Planner can help. This site from Dutch designers
20 Aug 2007

Latest Wedding Trends The latest trends in wedding include having wedding websites with TMI for orientating guests, budget wedding gowns, as well as green weddings. Wedding Web sites with TMI A wedding Web site is a must, a virtual