Monthly Archive:: May 2007

19 May 2007

A New Way of Farming

Bigfork Eagle News: Julian Cunningham started Swallow Crest Farm in 1999, a few years after moving his family to this scenic area on LaBrant Road. He taught a preschool for three years before deciding his heart was
18 May 2007

Instant Rice

Popgadget: Instant noodles have been around long enough that we take their 2-minute preparation time for granted. Now Japan brings us Hotto! Raisu – specially packed rice that can be served up as a piping hot meal,
17 May 2007

Grand Opening

The Cool Hunter: Call it the relentless march of capitalism, or the material manifestation of our fickle society, but the high street is in a constant state of flux. Shops change hands at the drop of a
16 May 2007

Bassline Needed

TrendCentral: A social networking site with a musical slant, Indaba Music gives users a place to not only share their own music, but also facilitates public and private sessions through which multiple artists can collaborate on recording
15 May 2007

Toilet Advertising

Cool Hunting: Call it ingenious marketing or just plain bad taste, but a company promoting its laxatives on a bus stop billboard on busy Avenida Faria Lima in São Paulo has incorporated toilet lids attached to the
14 May 2007

Yoyo Phone

Iconoculture: They’re just concept phones for now, but we’re guessing the idea could be reused: ModeLabs has created a series of concept phones that run off sustainable energy sources. One concept phone looks like a yo-yo that
13 May 2007

Cheapest Network

Mobile Digest: Following on from Orange’s new pre-pay tariff yesterday, 3 has announced a new pricing structure for its Pay As You Go customers, with calls now from 5p per minute – the cheapest any network any
12 May 2007

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 43

New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: FOOD & BEVERAGE Chilly Billy Bensons, a small family run business based in the English countryside, has produced an ice-pop that contains nothing but fruit. Chilly Billy consists of no
12 May 2007

Appetizing USB Ports

Popgadget: The upcoming bread series in Vavolo’s Freshy Baked USB Drive lineup is pretty cute. Soon to be available in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB capacities (prices unknown), these cross-platform thumb drives are encased in housings made
11 May 2007

Chilly Billy

The Cool Hunter: Amidst the chaos of dietary requirements, five-a-day, buying organic, food miles and a new fangled sense of providence, choosing food has never been so wrought with issues. Whatever happened to buying something based upon
10 May 2007

Free Letters

Springwise: Dutch Gratis-Post lets people order envelopes with free postage for mailing within The Netherlands. Like most of the free love concepts we’ve covered in the past (from free photocopies to free phone calls), the concept is
9 May 2007

Night Salons

Iconoculture: The city that never sleeps has another reason to stay up late: after-hours beauty salons. New Yorkers who want a glass of wine with their color treatment head to meccas like Frédéric Fekkai/Soho and Red Market