Monthly Archive:: May 2007

21 May 2007

Secure ATM

Crave: The way the particles land on a given credit card magnetic stripe are as unique as individual snow flakes or human fingerprints. So says a Magtek, a company that has developed a product, MagnePrint, for recording
20 May 2007

No Poison Spray

Cool Tools: Most pesticides I’ve used are full of toxic chemicals, but this spray doesn’t have anything like that. The active ingredient is natural mint extract, which is a neuro-toxin. It works just as well or better
19 May 2007

A New Way of Farming

Bigfork Eagle News: Julian Cunningham started Swallow Crest Farm in 1999, a few years after moving his family to this scenic area on LaBrant Road. He taught a preschool for three years before deciding his heart was
18 May 2007

Instant Rice

Popgadget: Instant noodles have been around long enough that we take their 2-minute preparation time for granted. Now Japan brings us Hotto! Raisu – specially packed rice that can be served up as a piping hot meal,
17 May 2007

Grand Opening

The Cool Hunter: Call it the relentless march of capitalism, or the material manifestation of our fickle society, but the high street is in a constant state of flux. Shops change hands at the drop of a
16 May 2007

Bassline Needed

TrendCentral: A social networking site with a musical slant, Indaba Music gives users a place to not only share their own music, but also facilitates public and private sessions through which multiple artists can collaborate on recording
15 May 2007

Toilet Advertising

Cool Hunting: Call it ingenious marketing or just plain bad taste, but a company promoting its laxatives on a bus stop billboard on busy Avenida Faria Lima in São Paulo has incorporated toilet lids attached to the
14 May 2007

Yoyo Phone

Iconoculture: They’re just concept phones for now, but we’re guessing the idea could be reused: ModeLabs has created a series of concept phones that run off sustainable energy sources. One concept phone looks like a yo-yo that
13 May 2007

Cheapest Network

Mobile Digest: Following on from Orange’s new pre-pay tariff yesterday, 3 has announced a new pricing structure for its Pay As You Go customers, with calls now from 5p per minute – the cheapest any network any
12 May 2007

CoolBusinessIdeas Newsletter Issue 43

New Business Ideas/Opportunities Featured In This Issue: FOOD & BEVERAGE Chilly Billy Bensons, a small family run business based in the English countryside, has produced an ice-pop that contains nothing but fruit. Chilly Billy consists of no