Zero-Electricity “Washing Machine”

We’ve all been there – you need to wash just a few clothing items but you don’t have nearly enough for a full load of laundry. The gentlewasher offers a solution, washing clothes in five minutes with less water than washing machines and zero electricity. The hand-powered device can wash up to 12 T-shirts or eight dresses at a time, and it uses around 4.7 gallons of water – compare that to 13 gallons for an Energy Star washing machine, or 40 gallons for an older model washing machine.

The gentlewasher lives up to its name, and it can actually prolong the life of your garments with the help of patented honeycomb holes that create a protective water layer so garments won’t come into contact with the drum. The company says that their product is the most sustainable and gentlest washing device for apparel ever.

The company, based in the Netherlands, says results are “as good as a front-loading machine.” The gentlewasher is designed for clothes that should be washed by hand, but it can be used for all types of garments. It’s especially useful for people on the road – such as those traveling in an RV or camping. And it could even come in handy in between laundry loads or for cutting down trips to the laundromat for those living in tiny city apartments.

The zero-electricity Gentlewasher does the laundry in five minutes flat [Inhabitat]

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